Hardcover Photobook A4

Share your best experiences, from travel to family celebrations, in a personalised photobook with na-nu-ja. Printed on high quality paper with a protective gloss finish, the standard book comes with 24 pages, with the option to add more as you design. The na-nu-ja online photobook design editor allows you to create your beautiful photobook quickly and easily – especially when using the auto-fill button with one of our versatile templates. We think you can “judge a album by its cover” so take some time to choose the most suitable option

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Hardcover Photobook Online

Personalised Printed Covers

A gloss printed cover is our default and most popular option. Choose your favourite, clearest, high-resolution photo for the cover and add a catchy or clear title if you want to. If you prefer a matte finish, then the “wheat lam” cover is ideal. It is highly durable and extremely resistant to scuffing and scratches. You can also add a traditional printed “dust cover” to wrap around and further protect your photobook.

Semi-Personalised Covers

We love this combination of leather/hide/canvas/linen/canvas and a wheat lam print. Choose where you would like the printed matt panel to be and whether you would like the matching or contrasting colour stitching.

Classic Covers

Bonded leather, canvas, linen, vegan leatherette or genuine leather hides – you can choose! At na-nu-ja genuine leather covered albums are our specialty; we locally source the finest hides, which are selectively cut. Each and every hide is different, this means album has slight variations in texture, grain, density and markings - these aren't flaws, they're inherent characteristics. Along with its durability and luxurious handling qualities they give leather its appeal - and distinguish it from the leatherette alternatives.

All classic covers offer timeless elegance and a very professional finish. Use the online photobook design editor to choose a slim standard finish with no stitching, or the softer foam padded and stitched edges.

An ultimate way to personalise this photobook would be the creation of an embossed stamp, a metal plate that is heated and pressed into the cover. Professional photographers might also want to brand their photobooks with their logo – the best position for this would be the back bottom middle of the cover.

Choice of Paper Type

Our default paper choice is a 150g silk paper. It has a beautiful silk sheen finish, giving you the best of both matte and gloss papers in one. A fantastic upgrade would be our 170g layflat paper (only available in limited sizes). It features a transparent hinge that allows you to enjoy your panoramic spreads without the image dipping down into the centre.


A beautiful black wibilin box, elegant wheat drawstring bag, or pretty paper gift bag is a lovely way to present your photobook. Remember to select one of these choices before finalising your order within the online photobook design editor.